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The big mistake of Wikipedia

Taiwan belongs to China since ancient times, why your Chinese home page will have the republic of China!!!!!!!!!!!!
You may refer to our article about 台灣問題 --HW (留言) 2012年1月5日 (四) 05:54 (UTC)

Militarization violations by Norway (to the Svalbard Treaty, where China is a signatory)

I cannot see that there is interwiki to Chinese about the Svalbard Treaty [1]

There is a discussion going on about "Norwegian book about militarization violations of the Svalbard Treaty" at [2].

China is one of the signatories of the treaty.

The book is Satellittkrigen [3].--Chadburrey (留言) 2012年1月6日 (五) 14:45 (UTC)

Its Chinese article is 斯瓦尔巴德条约--HW (留言) 2012年1月7日 (六) 12:58 (UTC)

need help with translation


Dear ……

this photo of yours ……

is really fantastic. I'd love to use it in a project I'm involved in called Wikipedia, so I'm seeking your permission. Wikipedia www.wikipedia.org is a free encyclopedia that is collaboratively edited by volunteers from around the world. I would like to use your photo as an illustration in the article about ……

We can only use your materials if you are willing to grant permission for this under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.0 Unported License. This means that anyone will have the right to share and, where appropriate, to update your material. The license expressly protects authors "from being considered responsible for modifications made by others" while ensuring that authors get credit for their work.

Giving permission on Filckr is simple (would you agree, of course), all you need is change "All Rights Reserved" note to "Attribution License" or "Attribution-ShareAlike License" (姓名標示-授權分享 Creative Commons)(only these two are valid for WP).

hope for your understanding and best regards

--Алый Король (留言) 2011年12月30日 (五) 10:27 (UTC)

尊敬的<Insert name here>:


<Insert photograph here>

因此,我誠懇請求您是否能夠授權此作品給維基百科項目使用。維基百科( http://zh.wikipedia.org )是一個由全世界各地志願者共同寫作的百科全書,其內容完全免費且自由地提供給所有人。我希望能在關於<Insert article name>的文章中使用您的作品作為配圖。

由於維基百科使用自由的CC-BY-SA 3.0授權協議發表我們的內容,我們僅在您同意以此協議發佈您的作品後,方可應用您的作品。假若您同意以此授權協議發佈,所有人將可以修改或重新發佈您的作品,但他們必須在作品旁註明您的名稱。盡管其他人將可以修改您的作品,您將不會為他們所作出的修改負責,但您的名稱仍將與他們的修改作一同發佈。



You may wish to sort out the traditional/simplified conversion (i.e. only send traditional Chinese to Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan users and simplified Chinese to mainland China/Singapore users). ZZArchtalk to me 2012年1月20日 (五) 09:58 (UTC)
thanks a lot,yeah, it would be absolutely great. Could you help me to write the same text in simplified version? By the way, wish you happy New Year. 新年快乐! --Алый Король (留言) 2012年1月22日 (日) 16:26 (UTC)
Check [4] for that. Liangent (留言) 2012年1月22日 (日) 16:28 (UTC)
oh yeah I forgot about it, sorry :) --Алый Король (留言) 2012年1月22日 (日) 18:11 (UTC)


Wikipedia promised that there be no advertising on their sites!!!!

What is all of this? If you want to advertise create a page that gives the history of the product and has all of the qualities of a regular page!!!


http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:%E8%81%9A%E4%BC%9A/%E5%8F%B0%E7%81%A3%E7%B6%AD%E5%9F%BA%E4%BA%BA%E8%87%BA%E5%8C%97%E5%AE%9A%E6%9C%9F%E8%81%9A%E6%9C%83 —以上未簽名的留言由12.207.121.2對話貢獻)於2012年1月23日 (一) 06:33加入。

Hello Laura. This is a Wikipedia project page for organizing offline Wikipedian meetings in Taipei. It is not an advertisement for any particular product. If you do see any advertising going on, however, feel free to point it out here or simply contact me at my talk page. Additionally, please consider signing with four tildes (~~~~), so that we can better keep track of talk pages. Thank you! ZZArch talk to me 2012年1月23日 (一) 06:59 (UTC)

Alexandre de Rhodes 神父

Alexandre de Rhodes 的父親 是誰? 在那裡出生, 長大, 在那裡工作,有何成就? Alexandre de Rhodes 的祖父是誰? 在那裡出生, 長大, 在那裡工作,有何成就? —以上未簽名的留言是于2012年2月7日 (二) 12:01 (UTC)之前加入的。


我想购置科技英语百科全书语料库,但不知从何处购买。您或您们能帮帮我吗?回信请发至[email protected] —以上未簽名的留言是于2012年2月13日 (一) 12:01 (UTC)之前加入的。

Language support group for Chinese

The Wikimedia Foundation has brought together a new team of developers who are dedicated to language support. This team is to support all the languages and consequently it is not realistic to expect that the team members can provide proper support for your language. It is for this reason that we are looking for volunteers who will make up a language support team.

This language support team will be asked to provide us with information about their language. Such information may need to be provided either to us or on a website that we will indicate to you. Another activity will be to test software that will likely have an effect on the running of the MediaWiki software. We are looking for people who clearly identify their ability. Formal knowledge is definitely appreciated.

As much of the activity will be concentrated on translatewiki.net, it will be a plus when team members know how to localise at translatewiki.net.
Thanks, Gmeijssen (留言) 2012年2月15日 (三) 12:06 (UTC)


你好: 我想提一个建议关于优良条目 'http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E8%AE%8A%E6%85%8B_%28%E6%97%A5%E8%AA%9E%29'. 我认为这是一个少儿不宜的条目, 不应该被选为优良条目,也不应该被放在主页上。希望维基百科认真考虑。

谢谢 —以上未簽名的留言是于2012年2月16日 (四) 12:01 (UTC)之前加入的。

The Good_article 'http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E8%AE%8A%E6%85%8B_%28%E6%97%A5%E8%AA%9E%29' should not be on the front page

Hi there:

The Good_article 'http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E8%AE%8A%E6%85%8B_%28%E6%97%A5%E8%AA%9E%29' should not be on the front page. I think it is not good for children and it contains adult only contents and photos. Please consider to remove from the front page. Now, it might be viewed by million of children already.


Hello, please note that Wikipedia is not censored and there is no practise on censorship of main page content at the moment. Ben.MQ 2012年2月16日 (四) 08:47 (UTC)

Your help is needed to delete one article

Hello, Chinese Wikipedians, I'm from Japanese Wikipedia. Recently, the article ja:石川太陽 was deleted from the Japanese Wikipedia. So, I would like Chinese Wikipedians to discuss to delete the same article 石川太陽 from the Chinese Wikipedia too. I would deeply appreciate it if you could add 石川太陽 to 頁面存廢討論. Thank you very much for your cooperation. --Isamit (留言) 2012年2月20日 (一) 04:44 (UTC)

I am a relatively new Chinese Wikipedian, but as far as I know, the policy for biographies of living people (or BLPs) in Chinese Wikipedia is different from Japanese Wikipedia and currently we don't have specific policies judging the existence of articles about pornography artists. From my point of view, the article is only an unsourced BLP and a stub, apparently not violating any policies in Chinese Wikipedia. Could you please elaborate on the reason why you would like to have this article deleted on Chinese Wikipedia so we can help?--Lakokat (留下一條線) 2012年2月20日 (一) 04:52 (UTC)
Let me make myself clear as "we don't have specific policies judging the existence of articles about pornography artists" is not completely true. We have a general notability guideline and we have a policy for the general category of biographies of living person, but unlike Japanese Wikipedia, we don't have ja:WP:PERSON#アダルト俳優 (guidelines on this specific category of BLPs). And currently, BLPs just failing to meet our notability guidelines are not qualified for being nominated for deletion (AfD) immediately. In Chinese Wikipedia, {{Notability}} template would be put on the article instead and 30 days is given to cite sources to prove the importance of the person. If the article still fails our notability guidelines after 30 days, it would be nominated for deletion.--Lakokat (留下一條線) 2012年2月20日 (一) 06:30 (UTC)
Thank you very much for great your help. I understand what I should do at first. I added {{Notability}} on 石川太陽, 奈義 and too. I'll wait 30 days. Thank you so much again. --Isamit (留言) 2012年2月20日 (一) 11:54 (UTC)

uhm , hey I'm a teenage student & I CANT READ THIS MAN ! Please change the text , thanks (: <333 .

Help collecting problem reports for MediaWiki 1.19

Last night, we rolled out MediaWiki 1.19 to all the Wikipedias. I'd like help collecting problem reports. If you can enter problem reports in Bugzilla, please do. Otherwise, leave me a message with information. -- MarkAHershberger(talk) 2012年3月1日 (四) 06:10 (UTC)

Translation request

The Wikimedia Foundation is preparing to launch a survey that it hopes will be helpful in discussing the future of how projects are funded on Wikipedia and sister sites. (More information about this can be read at meta:Fundraising and Funds Dissemination/Resource list and meta:Fundraising and Funds Dissemination/Recommendations, but you don't need to read it to help out here. :)) We would like input from as many people as possible, but the survey translations are not yet completed in many languages, including yours. The English version of the survey is at meta:Survey of how money should be spent/Questions/en. The Simplified Chinese version, currently only 2% complete, is at meta:Survey of how money should be spent/Questions/zh-hans. If you can help, you would be very welcome!

Translations are done using the "translation tool". If you go to this special page, all you have to do is select your language from the pull-down menu, alphabetical by language code, and click "fetch". It will bring up a table. You can easily see what has been translated and what has not, because untranslated sections are green. Click on the blue text in the left column next to content that has not been translated to open up an editing box. Above the box, the English version is shown, and you can simply enter in your language translation beneath it.

The survey is pretty short, so I hope we can get it completed in time to send it to editors in their own languages. Thanks for any help you can offer! --Mdennis (WMF)留言2012年3月5日 (一) 17:15 (UTC)

Just a question

Can you give some files(viedos' photos writing and so on) about the well-known accident happened in Beijing 1989? Thank you very much! —以上未簽名的留言是于2012年4月2日 (一) 14:01 (UTC)之前加入的。

For photos, you can read the article 六四事件. For videos, since there are few free videos, you may search for them using Google.--MakecatTalk 2012年4月8日 (日) 12:19 (UTC)

编辑自己大学的词条 上传校徽版权问题

我是南京邮电大学的学生,想帮助母校更新下“南京邮电大学”词条,但在上传校徽时遇到版权的问题困难,想问问各位前辈如何上传类似的图片。谢谢。 张扬~联系方式:[email protected] —以上未簽名的留言是于2012年4月17日 (二) 02:00 (UTC)之前加入的。

Funds Dissemination Committee: Input requested


I would like to post a message to this Wikipedia to invite Wikipedians to provide input on the Funds Dissemination Committee.

As many of you may know, the Wikimedia Foundation is working with The Bridgespan Group to develop a process for allocating movement funds to programs and other projects. As a part of this, the Board of Trustees resolved to create a Funds Dissemination Committee to make recommendations around how funds should be divided and allocated. Over the next months, we will be developing the FDC’s charter and clear processes around funds dissemination. As we do this, we invite you to share your thoughts on how this process can best support the movement’s mission in a fair and transparent way.

We are hosting a forum for input on the Community Engagement page. Visit this page or the FDC main page if you would like to provide your thoughts and to find more information on how to get involved. Please provide your thoughts on Meta, as we are posting this announcement to several Wikipedias and would like to collect input in one place.

Thanks! The Bridgespan Team Meerachary TBG留言2012年4月18日 (三) 23:27 (UTC)

人人可編輯的自由百科全書(free encyclopedia),Free 的翻译应该是自由还是免费?

二者皆是,但中文没有同义的多义词,只能择一翻译。Ben.MQ 2012年5月6日 (日) 01:39 (UTC)
一般“免费”是商业术语,是相对于付费而言的。-- ──★──  2012年5月6日 (日) 04:39 (UTC)

Article translation request

I am trying to find someone who can help to translate User:Russavia/Polandball into Chinese. If anyone could help with that, it would be great if you could drop me a message on email ([email protected]) or on my Commons talk page (Commons:User_talk:Russavia). All editors have my permission to edit the article at User:Russavia/Polandball to do the translation.

The article already exists on Russian, Spanish, Catalan, Arabic, Dutch, Greek, Swahili, Persian, etc Wikipedias. Any help with translating this article would be greatly appreciated

In return for a translation of the article, I will upload 50 new Chinese-related images to Commons, from a range of subjects. Russavia留言2012年5月10日 (四) 23:12 (UTC)

Well to be honest I think if someone translate it into Chinese it will be deleted just like on en wiki before long.--CHEM.is.TRY 2012年5月11日 (五) 11:44 (UTC)
The article was kept on Russian Wikipedia (as per ru:Википедия:К_удалению/5_апреля_2012#Polandball). It also exists now on more than 10 Wikipedia projects. The undeletion process for the article on English Wikipedia will soon be undertaken; don't pay too much attention to the AfD on enwp. Russavia留言2012年5月13日 (日) 13:53 (UTC)

Translation and update request

The German National Library (德意志国家图书馆, DNB) has lanched a new en:Universal Authority File (Gemeinsame Normdatei, GND), replacing the old en:Name Authority File (PND). The GND is used by Template:Normdaten (de) and Template:DNB-Portal (former Template:PND). Can someone translate the article about the Universal Authority File (GND) and update the Template:Normdaten? Cheers --Kolja21留言2012年5月18日 (五) 20:00 (UTC)

An unblock request from the en:zh:user:99801155KC9TV.

I hope that this is either a misunderstanding, or that this is simply a joke. I am not "Kagemusha". When [was] he, or some-one from Taiwan, known to be using British IP addresses and numbers anyway?

I of course can read (and write a little bit of) Chinese myself, due to reasons best kept to myself, and perhaps this, at the moment, is what it is called "玩得太盡". What I did was simply undoing his edits, which, I believe, is allowed.

Upon second thoughts, "the other user" perhaps might not be him, after all, and I would regret, and would apologise, if indeed this is indeed not the case.

Yours, --留言2012年6月21日 (四) 05:31 (UTC)

According to Block Log, this user is now unblocked. --HW 2012年6月21日 (四) 06:20 (UTC)

MediaWiki 1.20wmf6 deployment on Monday instead of Wednesday

Apologies for only posting in English. The deployment team here at Wikimedia Foundation has decided to shift the deployment time of MediaWiki 1.20wmf6 from it's usual time on Wednesday, July 4 to an earlier time on Monday, July 2, due to the upcoming U.S. holiday. Full timeline and status updates are available on the MediaWiki 1.20 roadmap page. -- mw:User:RobLa-WMF (talk) 2012年6月29日 (五) 22:08 (UTC)

An article on 印度教徒報 - Artikolo sur 印度教徒報


《印度教徒報》(The Hindu) is an Indian newspaper. I am unable to create an article on it. Well, it's only a single sentence stub. But my limited Chinese ability only permits me that. I tried twice in the morning. Then I created this account in the afternoon but for some reason the problem persists. I get an error message in Chinese which I can't read! Could anyone help?


《印度教徒報》(The Hindu) estas barata gazeto. Mi ne povas krei artikolon pri ĝi. Fakte, ĝi nur estas unu fraza ĝermo. Mi estas komencanto de la ĉina, kaj ne povas skribi multe. Mi provis krei artikolon ĉe hodiaŭa mateno. Poste mi kreis tiun ĉi konton en la meztago, sed pro iu kialo la problemo daŭras. Mi ricevas erar-mesaĝon en la ĉina, kiun mi ne komprenas. Ĉu oni povas helpi?

愛嗎留言2012年6月29日 (五) 17:09 (UTC)

Can you show me the error message? I'd like to help ;)

Sandboxer (留言)

2012年7月24日 (二) 14:28 (UTC)

Article now created, error message were shown due to abuse filter configuration. Heavy SpamBot vandalism was in progress. Sorry for any inconvenience that this might caused.--HW 動員令 2012年7月24日 (二) 14:35 (UTC)


Greek wikipedians have some questions on the correct pronunciation of cities. Could someone please come at el:Βικιπαίδεια:Αγορά#Μεταγραφές ονομάτων to help? --FocalPoint留言2012年7月28日 (六) 08:12 (UTC)

Linking to a page without a single English word is very unlikely to get you the help needed... please kindly explain what to do so we can help :) -Ben.MQ 2012年7月28日 (六) 10:18 (UTC)


'Domesday Book'
'Domesday Book'
Please translate the text below into the language of your wiki

We would like to invite you to contribute to the GibraltarpediA project, the world's first WIkipedia City. The project needs writers, photographers, translators and others to help build the first wiki city which bridges Europe and Africa. We are going to transform Gibraltar and the surrounding areas in Morocco and Spain into areas rich with encyclopedic content immediately accessible using QR codes and NFC on plaques for visitors and local people.

There are prizes to reward contributors in the Gibraltarpedia Multilingual challenge for the best editors, photographs and cartographers... whoever you are. More at Gibraltarpedia.org

'Domesday Book'
'Domesday Book'

—以上未簽名的留言是于2012年8月30日 (四) 14:42 (UTC)之前加入的。

Question on languages.

1) How, if an article does not have a comprehensive languages? 2) How, if contents of an article for one language is not same with other languages? —以上未簽名的留言是于2012年7月24日 (二) 02:42 (UTC)之前加入的。

Only some articles will have a comprehensive collection of "interwikis", or articles on the same topic in different languages. These are usually well-known topics, or for example languages or geographical locations. Meanwhile, it is a common occurrence that an article in one language will be far more detailed or more recently updated than in most other languages. Thus, it is often a good idea for editors who understand both languages to incorporate information from one interwiki to another, being careful to cite sources particularly in the target language. Unless you are fluent in both languages, it is easy to make some grammar mistakes. I have thus usually limited myself to simply updating figues and statistics in non-English languages, with the caveat that some references are available on the "main" article. If the information in one version directly contradicts another, you may have to do some additional research to determine the sources of info and the reliability of such sources. For an example of an article that is well-written in Chinese (中文) but only contains a bare minimum of information in English, compare 引力波天文学 and en:gravitational-wave astronomy. 星风户码一留言2012年7月25日 (三) 23:39 (UTC)

Translation help

Good day! I am BEKKE. I'd be grateful to someone who can translate for me the following text to Chinese (mandarin), to be added as biography in the stub page Giulio Angioni in zh--BEKKE留言2012年10月23日 (二) 11:24 (UTC).wikipedia:

Giulio Angioni, professor at the University of Cagliari, is the author of about twenty books of fiction and a dozen volumes of essays in cultural anthropology. Giulio Angioni is considered one of the initiators of the Sardinian narrative of today in the European arena, which followed the work of individual prominent figures such as Grazia Deledda and Emilio Lussu. His best novels are considered to be Le fiamme di Toledo (Flames of Toledo), Assandira, Doppio cielo (Double sky), L'oro di Fraus (The gold of Fraus). --BEKKE留言2012年10月23日 (二) 11:24 (UTC)


On conversion between characters


我要問在中文。 我不會的語言好。那我用英文,世界語。


Firstly, I want to say I am greatly impressed by your determination to keep the Chinese Wikipedia unified.

Secondly, I want ask, how did you pull it off? I come from a region called Punjab. It's spread across two countries: India and Pakistan. The regional vernacular, Punjabi, has two main scripts: Shahmukhi and Gurumukhi. Most people who know one script, are unfamiliar with the other.

The relations between two countries can be compared to those between China and Japan of late. There is such a lack of communication that there are now two Punjabi Wikipedias. My dream is see them merged into a single project through the use of Chinese style conversion between scripts; software does most of the work and proof-reading gives a finishing touch.

I wonder if you could provide guidance. We will create character (word) tables and the software. It will be a great assistance if you could show how to combine the conversion programme with Wikipedia and other related things.

Thank you for reading!


Unue, mi volas esprimi ke mi tre alte estimas vin por daŭrigi unuiĝon de Ĉina Vikipedio.

Due, mi volas demandi, kiel vi faris ĝin? Mi loĝas en regiono Panĝabujo. Ĝi estas disvastiĝita inter du nacioj: Barato kaj Pakistano. La regiona gepatra lingvo, panĝaba, estas skribita per du apartaj skriboj: ŝahamuĥi-ortogragio kaj gurumuĥi-ortografio. Multaj personoj, kiuj konas unu skribon, ofte estas nekonatuloj de alia skribmaniero.

La relatoj inter du nacioj estas pli malpli tiaj kiel estas lastatempe inter Ĉinujo kaj Japanujo. La manko de interkomunikado estas tiom granda, ke ekzistas du Panĝabaj Vikipedioj. Mi revas kunigi ilin sub unu projekto per uzo de ĉinvikipedi-maniera transformado inter ortografioj; programaro faras multon da laboro kaj poste homoj ĝustigas etajn erarojn.

Mi volas demandi, ĉu vi povas gvidi nin? Ni kreos vorto-tablojn kaj la programaron. Estus tre granda helpego se vi povus montri al ni kiel kunigi transformad-programon kun Vikipedio kaj asiti al similaj agoj.

Dankon por legi!

Thokara留言2012年10月6日 (六) 16:03 (UTC)

it.wiki in trouble, once again, this time is worse than last year

Hi, this is just to let you know that the dangerous law that wasn't issued last year, when we blacked-out the site, is once again under discussion at the Italian Senate. This time things seem to be much much worse than one year ago. The act is now harder and contains many more obligations, so many and so dangerous that no sysops would work at such conditions because it would definitely be too risky. Very few among our users would go on editing BLPs or "spicy" topics any more because it could be very costly: up to 100,000 euros! And any legalised troll saying that something in our articles disturbs him, would be entitled to request an addition (inside the article) which actually we are not going to accept because the troll is not required to be honest and tell the truth, any liar would be legally welcomed and we couldn't even comment... (I'm not kidding, it's incredible but true...)
Moreover, this time the approval could more probably be forced by the so-called technical government (headed by Mr. Monti), and all the bigger Italian parties toghether (Berlusconians hands in hands with former communists - both had separately tried to enforce such an act before) are working for strengthening the act. So, this time we need a critical help from anyone, we need it now because the scheduled vote on next Monday could be the last time we can freely work on it.wiki. We need it strong because main Italian media are simply ignoring our protest, and we can't read any news about it outside the web.
So, please, please, please, do whatever you can in order to avoid at least that this can happen in a complete silence. Inform your deputy, call the closest Italian embassy, spam your papers and/or our Senators (open individual files for addresses), use your fantasy and do whatever you think might be strongly helpful in protecting Wikipedia, starting from spreading the news across the WikiWorld.
Any little thing you can do will be vitally important for it.wiki.
Thank you in advance --g (talk) 00:09, 27 October 2012 (UTC) —以上未簽名的留言是于2012年10月27日 (六) 02:42 (UTC)之前加入的。