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November 19

Subcategories of Category:National League All-Stars

Subcategories of Category:American League All-Stars

Category:New Orleans clergy

Category:Fellows of Queen's College, Oxford

Category:Former students of Queen's College, Oxford

Category:Snooker players by nationality

Category:Snooker players by nationality into Category:Snooker players

Category:Potential '08 Conservative Republican U.S. Presidential Candidates

Category:Controversial potential 2008 U.S. presidential candidates

Category:PBS actors

Category:People from Dallas

Category:Struggles of a Black Astronaut

Category:Greyhound Racing Hall of Fame

Category:Male models from Dallas, Texas

Category:Dominican Christians

Category:Songs used in The Sopranos

Category:National space programs

Category:Famous Houses

Category:Religious Television Programs

Category:Potential 2008 Republican U.S. Presidential Candidates

Category:Rear of the Year winners

U.S. States in the Civil War


Category:Timeline of rail transport

Category:Timeline of aviation

Category:Combat-oriented computer role-playing games

Category:Superhero computer and video role-playing games

Category:Centipede clones

Category:Joust clones

Category:Lemmings clones

Category:Tetris clones

Category:Rocks-and-diamonds games

Category:Tile-based games

Category:Donkey Kong platform games

Category:Mental-skill games and Category:Physical-skill games

Category:Tabletop games of physical skill

Category:Computer-related remakes

Category:Free, open source role-playing games


Category:The Elder Scrolls series

Category:Shining Force series, Category:Baldur's Gate series and Category:Baldur's Gate series characters

Category:Chrono games

Category:Square games

Category:Law related to Anti-Mormonism

Category:Edmonton Oil Kings alumni

Category:Sandler Chick

Category:People who have made or published anti-Semitic statements

Category:People who have made anti-Semitic statements

Category:NY Mets First Round Draft Picks